Entry #4

It's too f**king hooooooot!

2015-08-11 06:01:42 by LeoToonz

So it's still the middle of the summer and it's like 35 degrees of celsius in my room/studio. How the fuck am I supposed to get anything done??? :D omfg... how do you guys deal with the heat? 


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2015-08-11 10:03:49

yup yup yup sounds like summer alright lol, i live in a freezer til winter comes around

LeoToonz responds:

Luck you!!!!! :P haha but yeah OMG I like summer but not when I wanna get shit done!


2015-08-11 10:36:41

I suffer a hell of a time without AC, vents or anything like that for some 3 or 4 days when Summer's heat comes in and then it just passes. I think I get some sort of immunity, people who use AC and whatnot keep on complaining! I can't quite figure out how it happens. Should probably start noting down dates and comparing years... :P

LeoToonz responds:

Yeah, I suffer too, being overweight doesn't help either (phatty mcphatass) and I don't own an AC or anything that could help me.


2015-08-11 10:58:12

Follow the doctor's prescriptions and take a chill pill.Ice cream and cold beverages may help for a while but they will make a mess if you're not careful,turning on the air-conditioner on full blast at a very cold temperature could work but they will cause the bills to go through the roof(and don't forget the polar bears and melting icebergs.)Go for a swim but that's nearly impossible at a time like this and you won't get anything done if you plan on staying in there.Or visit a library or a quiet cafe to work.Or just bear with it.

LeoToonz responds:

I've been chilling ever since lol, today is a lot colder than it was recently and I feel so much more energetic and happy today :D


2015-08-13 12:15:32

Great to hear that!That's the power of a chill pill!


2015-08-16 18:50:12

its really hot nowadays for me as well, im certain that my windows are melting.


yep, they are melting, right now.

LeoToonz responds:

haha I hate when that happens lol


2016-02-21 12:39:08

i wish it was hot here its fucking cold