How to get attention and be sexy!

2015-07-30 05:38:56 by LeoToonz

Aight, so if noone is looking at your butt and you don't like that, you should go ahead and poop yourself, then there will be a big brown stain in your pants (reminder wear pants when pooping! preferably white) and everyone will look at you and give you attention. Some people may even attempt to communicate with you. Good luck! It's a wonderful world we live in and pooping is one of the greatest pleasures one can experience. I'm out *drops mic* 


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2015-07-30 05:58:57

I guess someone else had a bad day...

LeoToonz responds:

It went from bad to awesome. Life... so mysterious, unpredictable and pointless (lol)


2015-07-30 08:31:33

u ok?

LeoToonz responds:

Yeah I'm good. Now ;)